When it comes to analyzing and anticipating consumer behavior, big data gets all the attention, but it’s the “little data” retailers should be worried about. Retailers have an enormous amount of data about customer interactions as a whole, but know precious little about their individual customers.

What can a customer’s past and current behavior tell us about what they need right now? Can we predict it?

We believe this kind of intelligence – predictive intelligence – is the future of retail. Using cutting-edge data science, Demandware can use both the sum of a retailers’ total customer “big data” and the “little data” of an individual customer, to predict future needs, affinities and conversion likelihoods – before they happen. This lets retailers dynamically tailor a unique experience to each shopper, creating a more shopper-centric experience than ever before, while improving results for the retailer.

This encompasses not only predictive email but also predictive merchandising and predictive marketing. This intelligence will be embedded into the fabric of the Demandware commerce platform, where retailers have access to the full spectrum of customer data.

This will provide a huge advantage for retailers. Watch this video to learn more about what Demandware has in store for Predictive Intelligence and the Demandware Commerce Cloud.