Last week, we shared the first in a series of blog posts highlighting the key learnings from the inaugural Demandware Shopping Index, where we asked and answered, Why is Digital Commerce Growing?

In this post, we’ll talk more about where the shopper chooses to shop.

Cross-Device Shopping Is Here
More and more, shoppers are using multiple devices. In Q4 2014, 21% of shoppers that made multiple shopping visits did so on two or more types of devices (computers, tablets or phones), up 14% from Q4 2013.  Shoppers also found a new favorite device pair this year – the most popular device pairing for cross-device shoppers was computer and smartphone, which topped last year’s preference of computer and tablet.

Phones Dialing Up Traffic and Order Share
Globally, shoppers are shifting devices, as phones increased their share of orders by 61% and traffic by 40%. Overall visit share from computers was down 16%. Tablets showed steady, though quieter, growth of 17% of orders and 14% of traffic in the fourth quarter, up 9% and 4% year-over-year.

For more details on shopper device-shifting, download our device trend report Growth on Tap.

Traffic and Order Share By Device, 2014 Q4

Predictions for 2015
Our analysis indicates that by the end of this year, we’ll see some additional device milestones:

  1.        Smartphones will drive more shopping traffic than computers
  2.        Cross-device shopping: 1 in 4 will shop on multiple devices
  3.        Tap devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, will account for 40% of orders.

What Really Matters
Unifying the shopping experience across devices is pivotal. As shoppers move from device to device, they expect retail sites to seamlessly shift with them. Retailers should take great care to recognize shoppers, considering tactics like social sign-on. Marketing tactics like shopping cart abandonment emails are also an effective way to help recognize more shoppers. Once the shopper is recognized, the next step is to pull the most important, and personal, shopping elements toward the shopper, focusing on the shopping cart, promotions and recommendations.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the Demandware Shopping Index. Visit the interactive landing page to explore country-specific figures.

The Demandware Shopping Index analyzes activity of over 100 million shoppers to identify trends and opportunities for retailers to elevate the shopper experience and grow revenue. The report reflects a comparison of digital commerce sites transacting in Q4 2014 and Q4 2013.