By Rick Kenney
The era of ‘click shopping’ has evolved. Tap devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) now drive more ecommerce revenue growth than computers. And these tap devices are transforming the metrics aligned with the shopper journey, as well, driving an unprecedented shift in shopping patterns.

In our special report, Growth on Tap, we analyzed anonymous data from sites operating on the Demandware Commerce Cloud to identify key market trends and opportunities for retailers to optimize shopper experiences. This snapshot of today’s digital shopper provides insight into shopping behavior, specifically looking at how it varies by device.

For example, while the increase in smartphone and tablet device usage has been well documented, the velocity of that growth is remarkable. In just the past year, smartphones alone have taken 7% of traffic share away from computers, and growth in visits to commerce sites has increased by 52% year-over-year.

Smartphones will see 31% of digital commerce traffic in Q4, and smartphone basket creation will reach its highest point, at 8%.

Shoppers are also showing higher levels of intent on those tap devices. Not only are shoppers browsing, but the growth in basket creation on tap devices is significant – we’re seeing 74% of growth in baskets is directly attributable to tap devices.

I expect to see continued gains for the rest of the year, too. My predictions:

  • The shifts in visit share by device will move toward smartphones; we expect 31% of traffic to come from smartphones alone.
  • Over the course of Q4, we project basket rate on smartphones will climb to 8%, reflecting a 22% growth over last year.
  • We expect continued conversion rate growth across devices, with smartphones leading at 12%, and modest growth on tablets (3%) and computers (6%).

Clearly, shoppers are increasingly choosing to tap instead of click. Retailers must embrace the trend and move toward a shopper-first approach that empowers the shopper to purchase on any device, with a nod to tap devices that are aggressively taking share from computers.

For more insights into the growing tap device trend, download our full Mobile Device Trends Report here.