By Graeme Grant

In mid-October, Demandware acquired CQuotient, the company I previously helped run with founder Rama Ramakrishnan. As someone who is passionate about the ecommerce space and writes regularly on the topic, I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce myself to readers of the Commerce Innovations blog (you’ll be hearing from me quite regularly, so stay tuned).

If you’re at all familiar with the CQuotient blog, you already know that I talk a lot about technologies and strategies that are in-line with Demandware’s vision. I have shared my thoughts about omni-channel experiences and the webrooming and showrooming debate; big data challenges and data scientist scarcity, and, of course, personalization and email marketing, with the occasional shameless self-promotion included (sometimes I just can’t resist!).

I’m excited about joining the Demandware team and helping retailers turn customers’ shopping behaviors, tastes, interests and preferences into actionable data that can easily become core to your marketing strategies. Now part of Demandware, we’re dedicated to making online commerce easy for our retail partners, and committed to helping them personalize the shopping experience at every touchpoint. We’ve seen firsthand how this approach helps deepen relationships with shoppers and engender long-term loyalty, while also accelerating sales growth.

Rama mentioned in his most recent blog post that becoming part of Demandware means we can execute against our vision faster and with more resources than we could have on our own. I couldn’t agree more and am excited to see what the future holds!