So you’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence and how it can help you personalize engagements with your customers – what you might not know is how easy implementing AI can be.

Commerce Cloud Einstein enables retailers of all sizes and abilities to tap into the power of AI. The best part? You don’t have to be a data scientist! AI capabilities are directly embedded into the Commerce Cloud to empower retailers and brands to supercharge one-to-one personalization across the entire buying journey.

Many Commerce Cloud customers – more than 95 retailers and brands powering over 250 sites globally – are already using Commerce Cloud Einstein to power product recommendations in their daily operations. These brands have realized increases in revenue from 7-15% per site visitor.

Commerce Cloud has AI embedded into the fabric of the platform. The benefit of that is a) implementation of AI is truly seamless, and does not require the time, effort and resources of third-party solutions, and b) as an integrated part of the Commerce platform, retailers and brands work with one, trusted team rather than managing multiple relationships.

Retailers can seamlessly tap into their customer data to personalize the commerce journey with consistent 1:1 recommendations and the most relevant predictions.

Product Recommendations enable brands to offer personalized recommendations to their shoppers. Brands like (read the case study), Black Diamond, and Icebreaker (read the case study) have already tapped into this easy-to-use capability to power unique experiences for each shopper. They were able to adopt quickly and adhere to best practices by attending roundtables hosted by Commerce Cloud’s Retail Practice experts, and engaging with our Commerce Strategy team.

Predictive Sort, coming this spring, uses machine learning to personalize product assortments across explicit and implicit searches. All of your shoppers have unique interests and preferences, and Predictive Sort lets you showcase the best products for each unique shopper. This capability is especially impactful on mobile devices where screen space is at a premium, and brands have precious few swipes to return images of the products shoppers are looking for. One of our beta test clients, a leading tool retailer, said, “Predictive Sort eliminates the guessing. Being able to sort products, automatically, per customer is huge.”  This retailer no longer has to wonder which sorting rules power the best results for particular customers, Predictive Sort does it for them.  

The bottom line: You empower your merchandisers, and leave the data science to us.

Predictive Email, Product Recommendations and Predictive Sort are all part of Commerce Cloud Einstein, which simplifies AI and turns merchandisers into machine learning superheroes. The Commerce Cloud Einstein team handles all algorithmic maintenance so retailers can focus on uncovering insights to power smarter commerce strategies. After all, many retailers and brands are sitting on a mountain of customer data – they just don’t know how to put it to use.

Next up – Commerce Insights, available next month in Release 17.2. Commerce Insights is a dashboard that leverages machine learning to tell merchandisers and marketers which products are most commonly purchased together. These insights can be used to power smarter, more relevant merchandising both online and in the store. Commerce Insights turns previously dense data into actionable insights, saving merchandising teams time and resources.

Still feeling unsure about making AI a reality for your brand? Don’t fear- we have a team of retail experts who specialize in getting Commerce Cloud clients up and running with Commerce Cloud Einstein.

Tap into the expertise of our Retail Practice team to learn more about best practices and how to get the most out of Commerce Cloud Einstein capabilities. And trust us. You won’t need a degree from MIT to be an AI superhero.