By Graeme Grant, VP Predictive Intelligence at Demandware, former president and COO at CQuotient

“If you look at the big tech companies that are innovating – Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and Apple – they’re all willing to shut stuff down if it doesn’t work and they understand going in when they build new things that they may not all work. And that’s a very different mindset to how retailers think.”

 –  Michael Scharff, Head of Innovation, Toys“R”Us

I recently came across a video featuring Michael Scharff, the head of innovation at Toys“R”Us, in which he discusses the challenges retailers can encounter when it comes to innovation, “particularly innovations that are disruptive to the business.” This is a critically important topic for any large retailer, especially when you consider the dramatic changes we are seeing in today’s consumers as a result of new technology capabilities.

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