At Salesforce Commerce Cloud we are laser focused on helping our customers connect to their shoppers in a whole new way, engaging and inspiring them online and building one-to-one store journeys that merge digital and physical.

That’s why we are thrilled today to launch our first 360-degree video store tours, immersive, interactive experiences that foreshadow the next phase in efforts to bridge the online and offline retail worlds.

In January during the NRF Retail Big Show, we toured the downtown Manhattan stores of three of our great customers: M.Gemi, True Religion Brand Jeans, and New Balance, to shoot the videos. The result is not only a thoroughly engaging walk through every corner of their stores, but also an interactive education of the brand itself.

For example, clicking on the “About M.Gemi” icon engages a pop-up video window showing consumers where and how its shoes are made in Italy. Another click demonstrates its use of Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle, an app used in stores to help associates locate merchandise. In addition, “Shop M.Gemi” takes  consumers straight to the brand’s site.

The True Religion video tour includes the aforementioned features, plus a video demonstration of its innovative use of the Apple Watch and in-store kiosks to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for. Added bonus: another pop-up video features True Religion’s SVP John Hazen talking about how the company drives in-store sales with digital technologies using Commerce Cloud.

The New Balance tour showcases the brand’s in-store innovations including its shoe customizer and Aetrex iStep machine that measures a shopper’s foot and pressure to determine and recommend the best-fitting shoe.

While these three videos were produced by and for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and will be featured on our site, it’s not hard to imagine retailers and brands leveraging this technology to bridge the offline and virtual worlds. Immersive online experiences that highlight a store’s innovations can pull customers into those stores. At the same time, 360-degree videos can reinforce a brand’s mission and backstory, creating an emotional connection with shoppers while giving them an easy path to purchase.