In our recent research report, Shopper-First Retailing: What Consumers Are Telling Us About the Future of Shopping, our analysis revealed three pillars that collectively set the foundation for being a customer-centric retailer. Now, talk of being “customer-centric” is all the rage in retail circles, but how does shopper-first retailing really come together? How do you actually know if you’re on track to be a high-performing organization?

We’ve developed a simple assessment tool to help executives navigate the path towards success in today’s retail environment, where the customer is king. The tool identifies the key tactics that underpin and define a shopper-first strategy.

The three pillars are: evolving the storefront, immersive intelligence, and mobile. Some of the store stats that informed the report are summarized here.

For each pillar, we’ve listed a series of traits, identifying each retailer as a follower, explorer or trailblazer. The more traits you check, the higher your score. For example, baseline traits in the mobile category include having a mobile-optimized site and support for digital wallets, while trailblazers are characterized by having visual search capability, shoppable videos, chat-based customer service, progressive web app support, and more.

The assessment tool is part of a broader report, compiled with SapientRazorfish, to reveal new patterns in shopping behavior, and new opportunities. The study was based on the activity of more than 300 million online shoppers, 6,000 consumer survey responses from shoppers in six countries, and dozens of interviews with retail experts.

Download the full report, and then check out the assessment tool. You may not be as ‘shopper-centric’ as you think.