“Online to offline, omnichannel, unified. All these words that we as an industry throw out there – it’s hard.”

Perhaps this simple quote from Ken Kralick, head of global eCommerce at PUMA, best sums up the daunting challenge of meeting today’s consumer demands.

If you manage any aspect of retail commerce today, you know that it’s no longer about the transaction. Commerce now has to be about the entire brand experience. What does that mean? It means connecting all of the dots, even the seemingly unrelated interactions, to present right-time information that compels customers to take action, regardless of their location or what device they’re using.

And connecting digital and store is just the beginning. The picture of the customer is not complete without marketing, service, social or fulfillment. That’s why having the right tools and partners is more important than ever. A truly unified customer experience requires a community and unified effort behind the scenes.

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of hearing buzzwords about what needs to be done. You’re just ready to make it happen.

But what exactly does the new shopper journey look like?

In the Salesforce Commerce Cloud keynote at Dreamforce, our team demonstrated what is possible now that the Commerce Cloud is part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Every interaction ultimately has the potential to bring your customer to a purchase. By leveraging the best of commerce, marketing, service and community, your systems and employees have access to the cloud and real-time data to respond to and recommend the next best thing for your customer – many times before they even know they want it.

The following customer journey demonstrates how you can engage a customer across web, mobile, social and store – using the power of Salesforce and the Commerce Cloud.

Meet Sarah, a young mom planning a weekend getaway.

Discover: Scanning Pinterest for Fall fashion inspiration on her phone, she discovers a hat, and buys it directly from  Pinterest with Buyable Pins, powered by the Commerce Cloud.

Engage: Sarah receives her order confirmation email from the Marketing Cloud, with other relevant product recommendations from Commerce Cloud Einstein.

Customize: Interested, she clicks to the website powered by the Commerce Cloud and finds products, promotions and search customized for her.

Re-engage: Distracted, Sarah abandons her cart. When on Facebook hours later, a retargeting ad from Marketing Cloud reminds her of the saved items. She taps on the ad.

Simplify: Now on the mobile-optimized site from the Commerce Cloud, Sarah visits her abandoned cart and checks out using ApplePay for the web with TouchID.

Service: Concerned about fit, Sarah now prefers to try on her ordered items in a local store. She starts a Facebook chat via the Service Cloud to change her delivery location.

Store: At the store, the associate immediately looks up her order on a mobile device, powered by the Commerce Cloud, and escorts her to the fitting room.

Store: While in store, Sarah asks about another product. The store associate looks up product on a mobile device and helps her check out while roaming the floor, via the Commerce Cloud.

Advocate: Happy with her purchase, Sarah posts a picture to Instagram with a brand hashtag, which later appears on the “customer” section of the brand’s site.

With just a few interactions, Sarah goes from brand discovery to vocal brand advocate. It is an easy, seamless process for consumers but actually requires a lot of hard work on the back end. But it’s possible with the right partner.

Here is a glimpse at how customers like Vineyard Vines are well on their way to achieving this kind of unified experience with Commerce Cloud, which is now an integral part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Watch this short video to see just how Commerce Cloud helps you connect with your customers in a whole new way, by letting you create unified, online and offline, intelligence-driven commerce experiences with a mobile-first approach.

It’s the new shopper journey.