By Ilana Goddess, Product Marketing Manager

There is a seismic shift occurring in the retail landscape. We’re in the middle of an evolution, one that requires modern retailers to be innovative and agile, to ensure they can successfully navigate whatever new changes come their way. This is why it’s critical to have the right technology platform and commerce solution provider in place. The right solution makes a big difference; it gives retailers the competitive edge they need to keep pace with consumer demands.

In fact, according to the Forrester report “Understanding TCO When Evaluating eCommerce Solutions,” 80% of retailers state that legacy technologies hamper the pace of rolling out new consumer-facing features. To win in today’s retail environment and successfully meet your revenue goals, retailers need to work with a software provider that is aligned to help them grow faster, globally and profitably.

So how can retailers keep up? And when is it time to make a change?

Here are five key questions retailers should be asking:

  1. How often are you upgrading your software and how difficult is the process?
  2. How quickly are you able to expand into/test new markets? How early do you have to plan for it and how much is it costing you to stand up new hardware/software?
  3. Do you worry about your infrastructure’s ability to handle spikes in traffic around holidays and flash sales?
  4. Are your competitors innovating faster than you?
  5. Does your software vendor have “skin in the game” to help you grow your business?

If you struggled to answer any of these questions, or if you aren’t happy with the answer, it might be time to rethink your strategy. Take a look at this short paper, Is Your Commerce System Aligned with the New Retail Realities? to learn about the challenges retailers are facing and how the cloud can help retailers keep up with the changing retail needs of today and tomorrow.