By Adam Forrest, Director of Product Marketing

Today’s consumers are demanding. They expect an engaging, personalized and digitally-driven shopping experience across all channels – web, mobile and store. To keep pace with the change in consumer behavior, retailers need to invest in the right technologies to help deliver digital experiences seamlessly in the physical store. Demandware’s Digital Store solution will bring the power of the digital experience into the store by combining omni-channel platform capabilities with purpose-built store functionality such as buy in store ship to home, basket merge, guided selling and a built-in integration that supports scanner and secure credit swipe.

Demandware’s Digital Store solution will allow store associates to provide customers with an exceptional and informed shopping experience in the store. Store associates can prevent walked sales by providing customers an endless aisle inventory across the enterprise and complete a secure transaction without being tethered to a cash wrap. Store associates can also engage customers in a personal and relevant manner by leveraging easily accessible customer history and profile data.

Digital Store Solution - Infographic

Demandware’s new Digital Store solution enables retailers to leverage a single commerce platform to simplify the technology environment and streamline shopping across online and in-store. This simple and intuitive solution increases store associate efficiency, knowledge and service by enabling retailers to efficiently extend Demandware’s omni-channel platform into the physical store. Retailers are able to leverage the same back-end integrations, payment methods and comprehensive customer, product and inventory data delivered by Demandware Commerce to help streamline the shopping experience.