By Adam Forrest, Senior Director, Americas Marketing

The conveniences of the Internet, along with the proliferation of tap devices, have generated increased consumer confidence in the digital world. At no other time in history has a technology had such an impact on our society’s buying behavior.

And there’s much to learn! There are many ways to leverage the benefits of new innovations, but the trick is uncovering how to leverage technology AND deliver a total consumer experience at the same time.

Deckers Brands, a global leader in innovative footwear, apparel and accessories, seems to have cracked the code. Join us for a live webinar on January 8, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. EST with John Kalinich, SVP Omni-Channel at Deckers Brands, who will discuss the major accomplishments and challenges of Deckers Brands’ omni-channel strategy.

As the lead for the company’s ecommerce channel for more than a decade, John will share insights into the strategy, groundwork and priorities for navigating the changing retail landscape and how Deckers is improving its capabilities to better serve consumers.

If you’re looking for an omni-channel framework to apply to your retail operations, register to attend the webinar for some tips and ideas.