I am so pleased to announce today that Demandware is further extending its commerce capabilities, this time to Twitter and its 66 million US users. By enabling Twitter Buy Now, retailers on the Demandware Commerce cloud can now sell products directly within a Tweet.

Demandware is the only enterprise cloud commerce provider to enable Twitter Buy Now. Earlier this summer, Demandware became the only enterprise provider for Buyable Pins on Pinterest. Simply put, our ambition is to remove all the friction from the shopping process and enable consumers to satisfy their needs anywhere they discover a product they want.

Here’s how Twitter Buy Now works: Demandware customers install and configure the Buy Now cartridge within their implementation. Merchants then share a Buy Now enabled product link through an organic or promoted Tweet. When the consumer clicks ‘Buy’ within the Tweet she gets additional product information and begins the transaction.

Twitter sends the order information to the Demandware Commerce Cloud for inventory verification, order calculation, placement, etc., while the merchant maintains full control of the consumer relationship. Once a product is enabled for purchase, users can Retweet the buyable URL to all of their followers, enabling influencers and others to sell on a retailers’ behalf.

Pacific Sunwear of California, with more than 479,000 followers, will be one of the first Demandware clients to enable Twitter Buy Now. Broader availability of the Buy Now cartridge is planned for 2016.

This is an incredibly exciting time in the retail industry, and one of profound change. The surge in mobile commerce, new transactional platforms, alternative payment types, shared economy applications and innovations in fulfillment are just some of the things providing retailers with opportunities to grow their business. The result of these many advancements is that the consumer has gained more control over her own destiny including discovering new passions and products in places.(like Twitter) not directly controlled by the retailer. This democratization effect is disruptive but represents enormous upside for retailers who embrace it to become what our CEO Tom Ebling calls “connected brands.”

What is a connected brand? They are retailers that leverage technology to establish meaningful, sustainable relationships with their consumers. They encourage and embrace user-generated content and strive to engage the consumer wherever they are. They understand the individual shopping journey and seek to leverage all of the knowledge they can possibly interpret to hyper-personalize the experience in a content rich and consistent manner across all channels and devices.

Twitter Buy Now is yet another way retailers can hasten the journey from discovery to purchase, converting consumers during an in-the-moment encounter sparked by a flash sale, promotion or trending event, all while connected to a unified commerce platform.