Choosing a replacement for an aging store system, or a store system for the first time, is never an easy decision considering the impact that POS has on daily operations and on customer engagement. However, there comes a time when a choice must be made, and that choice is critical to the success of the business.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is revolutionizing POS, and believes there are several things to consider when making that next major decision for your store technology.

Think beyond single-function POS
With the vast majority of sales taking place in physical environments, stores are an enormously important element in today’s retail ecosystem. But their role is changing, and what’s becoming more important is connecting the digital experience to the in in-store experience. Commerce Cloud Store is the glue the connects them, delivering all the traditional POS capabilities and much, much more. By providing a single, unified view of customers, products, pricing, promotions and inventory online and in-store, retailers are able to move past status quo POS and provide the next level of retail – unified experiences.  With a seamless real-time view of information across the organization, retailers who leverage Commerce Cloud Store are enjoying benefits like increased efficiency receiving store shipments, which helps to get products on the floor more quickly, and boosting service levels.

Make it personal
To make relevant, personalized recommendations, sales associates need access to customer information including online and in-store shopping history. With Commerce Cloud Store,, artificial intelligence powered by Salesforce Einstein, becomes a part of everyday interactions, empowering associates to provide better cross-sell and up-sell recommendations. For more information on individualizing the in-person experience, check out the article 5 Straightforward Ways to Create the Store of the Future.

Never stop innovating
Even the newest, most forward thinking and strongest retail brands must continue to innovate their brick and mortar shopping experience to meet the demands of today’s consumers. That’s been challenging, as most stores are stuck in a world of analog technology that in many cases gets upgraded once in a generation. As a cloud-based solution, Commerce Cloud Store promotes continuous innovation with multiple seamless upgrades a year that occur behind the scenes, without impacting day-to-day operations. In addition, Commerce Cloud Store promotes extensions which allow retailers to create unique brand experiences without ever becoming version trapped.

Make it easy to use
The best laid technology plans will be doomed if the people who are supposed to carry them out – store associates, the public face of your brand – struggle to use it. Of course, a POS must perform well at all times, but it also has to be easy to use. Commerce Cloud Store takes a mobile-first approach with an application optimized for retail store employees. This accomplishes at least two important things: first, it arms associates with a technology format (phones and apps) that they are already intimately familiar with, and second, it means they are free to move about the store and interact with customers where decisions are being made – the sales floor.

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