By Sue Chapman

Last week, I shared with you my Testing Commandments to ensure every element of your holiday shopping experience runs properly to give your customers a great shopping experience.

To expand on this, we’re taking a deeper look at how you can create an even better customer experience while driving additional sales. How? By giving your loyal customers the VIP treatment.

One of the best ways to do this is to leverage preview sale campaigns for registered customers, account holders or newsletter recipients. A VIP Preview Sale is an especially great technique for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

The idea is that you provide a preview on an upcoming sale so your VIP customers can get a jump on the assortment and availability. It’s a tried and true technique, and with so many customer touch points, the engagement opportunities are seemingly endless.

The approach is simple. Send out an email to registered account holders or VIP customers that contains a link with a unique source code. When the recipient clicks on that link, it triggers a customer group, presenting them with a unique VIP banner when they arrive at the site home page. These VIP customers are directed to a hidden category where they can preview sale prices before the actual sale is exposed to the general public. Other non-VIP site visitors do not see this special banner and do not see the sale prices until the actual sale date.

Each of our clients that have implemented a VIP Preview Sale campaign have seen great return. In fact, some have seen as much as a 400% lift in conversion and a 30% increase in the number of items per cart.

A final note – your loyal customers come to you all year, so consider running these promotional opportunities for them early in the holiday shopping season. You want them to spend their holiday shopping dollars with you.

Once they come to shop, you have the opportunity to share the great gift options you offer. Stay tuned for our next tip: Putting a twist on new gifting techniques to give your customers insight into great options in an easy-to-digest (and easy to shop!) manner.

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