For many of us, the holiday season is a distant thought–a speck on a far-off horizon. But for retailers, the holiday season is front of mind, an all-important, hair-raising, often vomit-inducing, fast-approaching reality. While the rest of the world spends the summer soaking up the sun, retailers are making never-ending to-do lists (and checking them twice!) as they attempt to hit lofty sales goals.

Retailers, we understand that “the most wonderful time of year” is often “the most stressful time of year.” We’ve got your back! First, we’ve created a Holiday Readiness Guide with best practices, tools and resources to help you crush your holiday sales goals.

But, we also wanted to offer you some levity in the form of an early Holiday gift! We commissioned illustrator Liz Fosslien to create retail “Holiday card” comics just for you. We hope these will make you smile and keep you sane as you navigate the stresses of the rest of the year. Share with friends, post in your office, and know that we’re in it with you.

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