By Adam Ford, Solution Strategist

Miki Berardelli, chief marketing officer, and Matt Marcotte, senior vice president of global stores, from Tory Burch kicked off 2013 in Chicago yesterday with the first keynote of the conference. Miki and Matt covered a myriad of topics, from the growth of the store footprint to omni-channel innovation and everything in between. A common theme at the conference this year is omni-channel and this keynote echoed that theme. Miki and Matt spoke about the convergence of their physical stores and digital through an intense focus on the customer. They explained that at Tory Burch, customer centricity is ingrained in the company and is used to make decisions across all channels. One way in which they have been able to innovatively break down traditional channel silos is through their Client Book application.

Features include:

  • iPad-based app available to store associates
  • Customer data is aggregated across channels to empower the store associates
    • Online wish list and past purchase data is available to store associates. Associates can add suggestions to the wish list to further help the customer find new styles aligned with their taste.
    • Birthday information is pushed to the store with enough lead time to allow the store associate to write a personal birthday card to the customer.
    • Great tool for gift ideas. Matt told a story of a husband who walked into a store, supplied his wife’s name and was immediately able to get help finding the perfect gift for her based on data available in the Client Book.
    • Initial rollout is resulting in higher spend, units and loyalty with lower returns.

Tory Burch has also taken a deliberate approach to the social media channels they are participating in. They have created a social media matrix to make it very clear how they will engage in each social media channel and how that engagement differs from other channels.

Highlights include:

  • The social media matrix is used to organize efforts in social media channels across topics and metrics, such as volume, content, responsibility, frequency, growth plans and strategy. This helps Tory Burch stay focused in each channel.
  • When asked about ROI measurement, Miki commented that not all channels have an ROI they’ve been able to assign, but being present is still part of their customer-centric strategy.

While on stage, Matt gave a nod to Demandware as the commerce platform provider for

In closing, Miki and Matt discussed how Tory Burch is delivering a converged experience through their stores and digital properties, with all efforts focused on delighting their customers regardless of which channel (or channels) they choose to shop. What’s next for Tory Burch? Miki wants to take responsive design principles from their website,, to their email to improve the overall consumer shopping experience.