By Rick Kenney

At every stage of the shopping journey, we’re seeing consumers increasingly migrate to tap devices. The trend is most clear at the outset of the journey, where shoppers are more often choosing tap devices to browse. Most notably, smartphones are taking visit share directly from computers.

It’s in the next stage of the journey – when shoppers move beyond browsing and add items to their carts – where we see the biggest shopping evolution: tap devices are driving 74% of basket growth. This signals that shoppers not only look to browse on these tap devices, but also to buy. Interestingly, while shoppers prefer to start a checkout on a computer versus on tap devices, once a checkout is started, tap shoppers are more likely to complete it.

And in the final stage of the journey – when a shopper actually makes the decision to make the purchase – tap devices are the leading source of growth, driving 65% of order growth.

Order Growth_real

We developed an infographic that follows the shopper journey, focusing on the device trend towards tap.

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