By Demandware

Omni-channel capabilities give retailers new opportunities to break from the traditional store format – they’re testing new concepts, bringing digital capabilities into the store and changing traditional point of sale systems to drive toward a single platform to more effectively manage their commerce strategy.

But before retailers can truly reap the benefits of investments made in a single platform to connect the online and offline world, there are steps a retailer must take to ensure the evolution of the store is done at a pace that makes sense for their unique organizations. Here are three overarching imperatives retailers should consider to fully take advantage of this change in the retail industry:

  1. Understand Market and Internal Landscape
  2. Establish Technology Roadmap
  3. Drive Continual Innovation

Rob Garf highlights the importance of each of the above three imperatives and talks about some of the changes retailers are experiencing in his recent article, “New Retail Reality: Online, Offline Technologies Converge Onto a Single Platform,” available on WIRED Innovation Insights.

As this new retail reality expands, driving retailers to work toward a single platform for a seamless and consistent customer shopping experience, we’ll undoubtedly see continuous changes, and new and innovative ways retailers engage with customers. So let us know – what changes are you seeing?