We brought the innovation and excitement of XChange across the pond to Copenhagen! It was an incredible event, featuring inspiring speakers, dozens of breakout sessions, and plenty of networking. But if you couldn’t join us, don’t worry – we’ve captured all of the best moments for you.

1. The Tivoli Youth Guard
The Tivoli Youth Guard, known as the “Little Military Guard,” is a local music school for boys and girls aged 8-16. The group, in existence since 1844, treated the crowd to a charming performance before the keynote.

2. Retail Trailblazers
Commerce Cloud CEO Jeff Barnett delivered the main keynote, “Be a Retail Trailblazer.” Among the many examples of innovative retail trailblazers, he shared how the UK-based retailer Oasis leverages social media with “Oasis My Way,” which empowers consumers to upload outfit ideas and shop directly from the ideas shared by others.

3. Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg Sits Down for a Fireside Chat
Special guest Nico Rosberg stopped by XChange to discuss his successful career as a Formula 1 race car driver. He discussed leadership, motivation in the face of defeat, and giving back to organizations like Vivacon Agua. Much to the delight of the crowd, he graciously took time to answer questions from the audience and took an epic selfie from the stage.

4. Experience, Experience, Experience
Mary Halladay of New Balance joined our keynote and rocked a VR headset. She advised retailers to create memorable and unique customer experiences by leveraging new technology like virtual reality. The long held belief that “location, location, location” is the number one rule of retail is no more!

5. AI-Powered Commerce
Many of the keynotes and sessions touched on the future of retail, and if one common thread emerged it was this – the future lies in intelligence! AI-powered commerce, like predictive sort and personalized recommendations, was top of mind at XChange. If you are as excited about future of AI and commerce as we are, you can roll up your sleeves and get started, faster, with our best practice guide.

6. Design with Augmented Reality
As mentioned, customer experience was a recurring theme at XChange. The Retail Keynote featured an impressive demo using Design within Reach’s unique approach to engaging customers, even if they aren’t in the store. Using augmented reality, sales associates can help customers visualize furniture in their home space and help make a purchase decision.

7. Gail Gallie & Project Everyone
Gail Gallie, co-founder of Project Everyone, spoke about her foundation’s efforts to help achieve the UN Global Goals to end poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

8. BIRKENSTOCK Sets the Pace for Innovation
Pacesetter Award winner and Retail Trailblazer BIRKENSTOCK shared the amazing results of their digital commerce efforts over the last year. The company’s rapid growth is all the more impressive when you consider that one year ago, the BIRKENSTOCK had virtually no ecommerce presence.

9. Vibram Goes from B2B to B2C…and Now C2B
Giuseppe Grandinetti from the Vibram Group surprised the crowd by revealing two new products, inspired directly by their customer’s feedback: foldable shoes and packable shoes! These product innovations are a result of a “consumer to business” approach, which not only allows but encourages input from customers, via social listening, to shape its product offerings.

10. Mobile Drives Conversion
We all know that retailers need to be mobile to stay competitive these days. But, they also need to make sure they aren’t putting themselves at a disadvantage! Commerce Cloud SVP of Product, Rohit Goyal, shared astounding results: many of our customers see a 27% increase in mobile conversion with Apple Pay.

XChange Copenhagen was a great event, but we’re just getting started! The excitement and innovation continues at Dreamforce in San Francisco, November 6-9, where you can learn more about Salesforce’s latest innovations with a keynote by Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff. We hope to see you there!