At Salesforce Commerce Cloud we are thrilled to showcase five exciting new features that will be available to our customers as part of the Spring 2017 Release. From mobile to social, this release opens new frontiers for connecting to your customers and creating innovative shopper experiences.

Mobile-First SiteGenesis empowers brands to quickly and easily create sites optimized from top to bottom for mobile devices. In doing so, sites are optimized for mobile conversion, including the added benefit of integration with Apple Pay for the web. A mobile-first approach creates a seamless shopping experience for customers and improves what has, until now, been the elusive mobile conversion for the retailer. (For a deep dive into mobile commerce, check out our exhaustive Mobile Shopping Focus Report)

With Commerce Insights, powered by Einstein, brands can finally leverage the mountains of customer and product data to power smarter shopper experiences. As an embedded part of the Commerce Cloud, Insights captures shopper, order, and product data and visualizes how customers are purchasing by displaying products that are most commonly purchased together. Simply put, it takes the guess work out of merchandizing, so brands can show their customers the best products and deals, every time.

Integration with Facebook Dynamic Ads. Commerce Cloud’s integration with Facebook Dynamic Ads allow brands to extend digital commerce to the huge social media platform by displaying relevant ads to Facebook users across devices. Brands are able to manage ads through the same control panel they use to manage their site, empowering them to operate various commerce channels from one interface, increasing time-to-market via quick and easy implementation.

Endless Aisle now enables store associates to service international customers through one tablet-based app that supports multiple languages. This update is designed to support retailers in international hubs, tourist areas, or in pop-up stores at global events. With just a few taps, the product catalog and checkout process can be shown in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German. With Stateless Shop APIs on the back end, and a simplified UI on the front end, store associates can convert browsers to customers with ease. Read more about our Store solutions.

With Customer Service Center, customer service agents are quickly able to: look up customer information, create, search and review orders, order on behalf of the customer, and adjust prices without having to go to the storefront. Customer Service Center is built on Commerce Cloud Digital framework using Shop APIs. That means that data, including customer information, product, pricing, and promotions, can easily be shared across systems. Created with a customizable user-interface, Customer Service Center is specifically designed to make call center agent’s jobs easier.

As we always have, we will continue to seamlessly and automatically deliver the capabilities retailers need to blaze new trails for their customers, without disrupting day-to-day commerce operations. Be sure to stop by our amazing booth (#3431) at the NRF Retail Big Show next week for a deeper dive on all the exciting developments.