By Brandi Slaughter 

It’s no mystery that consumers today are more connected and informed than ever before. They want what they want, when they want it, how they want it (web, mobile or in-store). And they’re increasingly expecting their shopping experiences to mirror their own digital lifestyles.

To meet these ever-evolving consumer needs, retailers are increasingly expanding omni-channel capabilities to deliver the quality experience consumers expect.

Enter Demandware’s Digital Store solution (DSS), bringing the digital experience to the physical world. With a seamless integration to the Demandware Commerce platform, DSS simplifies store technology, giving retailers the ability to drive customer loyalty and increase revenue. For example, DSS enables store associates to offer personalized experiences for every consumer that walks through their door based on real-time information around shopping preferences and available inventory across every store. SOLSTICE Sunglasses had a successful deployment of DSS in two stores in New York City and recently expanded its use to four additional stores in the U.S.

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