You would be forgiven for thinking that multichannel retail growth in the UK has been driven by fashion influencers who are young, metrosexuals with high disposable income in the mold of fashion bloggers like Suzi Lau at Style Bubble or Yvan Rodic at Facehunter. But no, according to our recent Digital Diva survey it is the budget conscious fashion-lover.

The survey reveals that around 18% of UK fashion consumers influence a massive 69% of purchases and, what’s more, 66.9% of these influencers have young families, and the largest (43%) income group in the survey earns less than £29.000pa.

These ‘smart families’ are above average active; they spend more time shopping around for bargains, tell more people about what they like and dislike and they do it via more devices and when they are done, they pay less than average – more, in this case, equals less.

And while the top fashion bloggers still remain an important, if narrow, demographic to woo, fashion retailers must ensure they put these and other customers at the centre of the process, invest in stores, staff and logistics, to adapt to a multichannel world.  As smart devices become smarter, so too are customers, and one thing is certain, that 18% will continue to grow until the ‘smart customer’ is the norm.

Download the Report: To learn more about these Digital Divas and what retailers need to do to serve this new customer segment, download the full report, “Who Are Digital Divas and Why Should Retailers Care?”