Customer Success Video Series

Boggi Milano delivers on
the omni-channel promise.

Discover how the Italian clothing brand mastered today’s unified customer experience:

  • Follow a Boggi customer across channels, from discovery to purchase
  • Meet the Boggi team and learn how they evolved, step-by-step
  • Take a 360-degree tour of a Boggi store

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Founded in 1939, Italian clothing brand Boggi Milano creates contemporary men's designs, owning everything from production to distribution. To connect with on-the-go shoppers, Boggi reinvented its organization and technology roadmap to deliver a true omnichannel experience. The result? More than 100% YOY growth in online sales.

Customer Success Video Series

Watch how Boggi achieved omni-channel success, step by step.


We want to give Boggi customers a premium and effortless customer experience on all channels.

RICCARDO MILANI Omni-Channel Manager Boggi Milano Riccardo Milani

Take a 360-degree tour of the Boggi store.

Get a closer look at how Boggi extends digital innovation into the store and enables sales associates to engage with shoppers anywhere on the floor.

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