A central cloud approach allows administrators to grant access to approved parties – around the world – to ensure optimal performance. An intuitive web-based UI allows your team to maintain total control, without database administrators or excessive IT intervention.

Collaborate globallyicon

Collaborate globally

A central virtual workspace makes it easy for merchants, marketers, developers and project teams to collaborate across borders, share knowledge and expertise, and communicate about important decisions. The workspace also provides access to the broader Demandware ecosystem, so you can tap the vast knowledge base that exists across hundreds of clients and partners. You can also establish workspaces by task or group. Plus shared calendars help individuals manage time and resources to stay accountable – even if they are five time zones away.

Maintain security and control

Your team uses a web interface to configure users, rules, preferences, data models and jobs. Site administrators can apply their own security protocols by creating, modifying and deleting user profiles. Plus, the interface can grant specific users access and control to specific sites, channels and functionality. The easy-to-use interface can also extend any data model without involving a database administrator.

Maintain security and controlicon
Scale without worryicon

Scale without worry

Computing power is provisioned as needed to minimize page load times and maximize uptime, even if there’s a sudden spike in consumer demand or a seasonal peak. In the unlikely event of a serious problem, your site will fail over to another point of delivery with minimal interruption. And you receive new platform functionality on a regular basis without worrying about the impact to your deployment or the cost and disruption of upgrades.

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