Why Commerce Cloud?

Eager for automated product recommendations, Black Diamond implemented a third-party product that met their cursory needs. However, upon discovering Commerce Cloud Einstein, they embarked on a side-by-side A/B test to compare performance.

The results speak volumes: the intelligence-driven product recommendations from Commerce Cloud Einstein produced a 9.6% increase in conversions, and a 15.5% increase in revenue per visitor. What’s more, Commerce Cloud Einstein is out-of-the-box simple and nearly flawless in execution. As an embedded component of Commerce Cloud, Product Recommendations also eliminates the duplicative costs of using a third-party provider, and automatically leverages the customer and product data already living in the Commerce Cloud system. 

“Personalization is king these days, so anything we can personalize we’re going to look into, especially if we don’t have to go with an outside provider. We really trust Salesforce.” 

Adam Smart, Senior Web Merchant, Black Diamond
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