Why Commerce Cloud?

As consumer behavior changed, Labelux realized it needed to change its approach and mirror that behavior in order for its portfolio of brands to have the best chance of success. According to Harriet Williams, Group Multichannel Director at Labelux, “Our stores will always be important, but consumer behavior has changed and the digital component is now vital to the customer experience.” Based on the change in consumer behavior, Labelux moved to Commerce Cloud to help achieve its major online goal: increase percentage of online sales from 4 percent in 2012 to 10 percent by the 2016/17. To propel them towards this goal, Commerce Cloud helped facilitate an ecommerce site that was easily adaptable to different countries and languages and compliment their store experiences effectively. 

“Commerce Cloud has already helped us improve efficiency and eliminate different legacy systems; we have also seen conversion rates improve. Now we have a solid ecommerce foundation, and we can focus on maturing our offering with personalization and multi-channel capabilities to further enhance the customer experience and support our plans for future, long-term growth.”

Harriet Williams, Group Multichannel Director, Labelux
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