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Everything we do has a story. The founders back in 1995 are still making the product that we sell today. The buying stories and how we source our raw materials, our stance on animal testing, right through to our unique handmade manufacturing process right through to our retailing experience and our online experience everything that we do has actually quite a story to it. 

The content and commerce conversation is really just around how can we tell the story of the product and mention the company, its ethics, its values next to the product so that the person that is who is obviously going home with that LUSH products is understanding so much more about what went into that.  

On the Demandware platform we’ve been able to innovate around creating the content as a content type or a content object on the website. We have the ability to have all merchandising in the product sphere but then also build that content into the website and allow the two to surface up together.  It is very important that the stories are told together, not just the product but all the stories behind the product. 

We do pretty much everything in-house - translators, copywriters, photography, video, the design, the developers. Everybody has a hand in making part of the wheel move. So the copywriters input copy into the mainware. Photographers are able to upload photography into the mainware. The developers are able to mold and sculpt the page to make the customer experience richer. The commerce team is able to make sure the UX and user experience is functioning correctly and the navigation is clear and obvious. Just being able to pull all those stories and then present it to our customers on the Demandware platform in cohesion with the commerce experience is really fantastic.  

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