Why Commerce Cloud?

OVS’ commitment to the customer journey focused on two goals: to connect with customers wherever and whenever they shop, and to introduce eye-popping in-store innovations.

“We want to make shopping easy, cutting edge, and amazing,” says Monica Gagliardi, OVS eCommerce, CRM, Web, and Digital Marketing Manager. “And that means creating an experience without boundaries.”

With Commerce Cloud driving this new omni-channel experience, OVS was able to achieve both goals with incredible results. On its ecommerce site, OVS adopted customizable content, virtual store tours, virtual fitting rooms, and a glossy mobile app. In store, they installed interactive kiosks, touchscreens in dressing rooms, and mobile access to sales associates. With Commerce Cloud, OVS is able to manage innovations and inventory across all channels, leveraging real-time data to ensure the best customer experience.

“We decided to work with Commerce Cloud because it’s a flexible platform for commerce, but also because we had common goals for omni-channel.”

Monica Gagliardi, OVS eCommerce, CRM, Web and Digital Marketing Manager
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