How can a retailer efficiently serve businesses buying $50,000 office furniture and shoppers buying $2 erasers? For Poppin, a fast-growing New York workspace brand, the answer is simple: leverage a single commerce platform that can provide a flexible but consistent site experience for all. 


Why Commerce Cloud?

Poppin sells to both businesses buying $50,000 worth of office furniture and consumers buying $1 pencils – and that’s the challenge. It needed a single, stable commerce platform with the flexibility to cater to its diverse shopper personas with unique content, but within one unified site. “We have one site on the Commerce Cloud platform for both audiences, which lets us understand and segment our customers based on a single site experience,” says Jason Michael, Group Product Manager.

“We have taken a quantum leap from where we were a year ago, and we’re now positioned to do the things we want to do in 2016 and beyond.”

Zachary Abbell, Director of eCommerce, Poppin
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