Why Commerce Cloud?

Germany-based department store engelhorn carries more than 700 brands and 35,000 products, including fashion, luxury, and sporting goods. To help consumers navigate this enormous and diverse product catalog, engelhorn implemented AI-powered personalized product recommendations.

With an online merchandising staff of just three managing a business growing between 20-30% annually, it was impossible for engelhorn to deliver these tailored product recommendations without help. Enter Einstein. After taking only a few weeks to implement, Einstein Product Recommendations empowered engelhorn with highly personalized shopping experiences that significantly streamlined the path from discovery to purchase. Even more importantly, engelhorn was able to do so with very little effort or resources. 

And the results speak for themselves! After implementing Einstein, engelhorn saw a 2.5% increase in conversion rate, a 1.5% increase in average order value, and a nearly 4% boost in revenue per visitor.

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