Why Commerce Cloud?

Reitmans' goal was to develop supplementary ecommerce platforms for each of its five brands that would coincide with, rather than crush the in-store experience. With Commerce Cloud they were able to develop 360-degree online shopping experiences that unlocked a new revenue stream, without cannibalizing in-store sales. Previously, Reitman's ecommerce efforts were stifled by lack of flexibility.  “The ecommerce marketplace is changing rapidly," according to Jaylone Lee, Senior Project Manager at Reitmans, "we need to ensure we embrace the right trends and technologies for our business. Commerce Cloud and its partners provide us with both the insight and tools we need to maximize the potential for ecommerce across our brands.” With Commerce Cloud, Reitmans has been able to deliver high quality ecommerce sites with increased capacity in a shorter timeframe, with lower development costs.

"Since launching our ecommerce offerings, we have experienced double-digit growth year-on-year in terms of online sales."

Diane Randolph, CIO Reitmans
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