Why Commerce Cloud?

With the importance of 1:1 personalization increasing, Skis.com capitalized on the opportunity to bring their customers the most relevant recommendations ever visit. After all, skis are not only a big-ticket item but also often represent a bundle of needs (bindings, poles, warm clothes, etc.) that together reflect their strong personal preferences and tastes. Not an easy challenge! Skis.com was an early adopter of Product Recommendations, powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein, which leverages leading-edge data science to suggest Product Recommendations for both known and anonymous shoppers across the entire shopping journey. “We know skis are not a simple purchase,” says Andy Schepper, Chief Operating Officer. “And if we don’t provide our shoppers with an easier, more informed experience, they may simply seek out the lowest price elsewhere. We needed a system to provide relevance for each consumer, so we are making personalized connections for them.”

“The results exceeded our expectations, plus the system was simple to run and operate. It just works.”

Andy Schepper , Chief Operating Officer, Skis.com
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