Video Transcription

Space.NK is a beauty retailer with multiple brands. We operate in the UK and US predominantly but also ship internationally. Our top brands on Space.NK are Laura Mercier, By Terry, and Eve Lom. We focus in on exclusive brands that are harder to find as well as some niche brands. We tend to look for the best of the best products.

We looked around at a lot of different partners and Demandware came out on top for scalability. They operate in the US and having an established partner in the US was massively important to us. We didn’t want to be hugely tied into one supplier or one area so we looked for a good eco-system.

We’ve been through a few different providers and platforms over the years. We basically have the three platforms and look at usability of the sites to help us with the design. We have an open and honest dialogue with what we want to achieve. Between us, we’ve managed to find solutions to most of the issues we face.

The implementation was about 4-5 months which is pretty speedy for a platform change. It’s been a sound platform since then. Since we’ve been with Demandware we’ve seen very healthy sales growth. In the last 2 years, we’ve been growing 30% year over year and we expect that growth to continue. We’ve got a really good customer base and are now starting to acquire more customers because we are able to scale.

We’ve just started our omni-channel journey. Our first stage was to order on the website and deliver to the store which is now up and running. This stage was quick to implement. We are now looking at the second stage which is likely to contain iPads in the store for our sales associates. It will be a continuing journey for us.

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