Why Commerce Cloud?

To help manage their growth, quickly implement innovative features, and offload technology infrastructure responsibilities, Stonewall Kitchen migrated to Commerce Cloud in early 2016. 

After a successful launch, Stonewall Kitchen wanted to go even further. Seeking industry expertise, they partnered with our Retail Practice team to develop various growth and optimization programs, including benchmarking, site assessment, mobile optimization, and much more. Stonewall Kitchen went live with improvements in late August 2016, and saw an immediate lift in conversions.

Ian Marquis, eCommerce Manager at Stonewall Kitchen, also participated in a number of customer roundtables. “I love the sharing of expertise and experience between platform users, as well as the direct interaction with various area experts on the Commerce Cloud team. I never left with fewer than five new things to investigate (and in many cases, implement), and it was always time very well spent.” 

“I can never get enough insight from the Commerce Cloud team, because [they help us] in validating and prioritizing our assumptions.” 

Ian Marquis , eCommerce Manager, Stonewall Kitchen
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