Why Commerce Cloud?

The golf industry is a fairly traditional segment—for many years, it’s been driven primarily by professionals on the golf course. As a result, golf brands were lagging behind many of the innovations happening in retail, both online and in store. 

TaylorMade turned to Commerce Cloud in search of new ideas, new technologies, and new ways to create an effective omni-channel experience. Specifically, they sought to expand their online presence, launch a new brick and mortar store, and connect with customers anywhere, on any device.  

By partnering with Commerce Cloud, TaylorMade dramatically improved customer engagement with a seamless shopping experience across mobile, web, and store. They achieved incredible results within one year, almost tripling mobile commerce revenue and seeing tremendous growth in revenue and conversion rates overall. Building on this success, TaylorMade is launching a fleet of branded stores in premium outlet centers across the U.S. over the next two years. 

“There's always the need to bring more people into the sport. I think more than ever, technology's an important piece to help bring new golfers in and keep them engaged.” 

- Ray Tofolo, Director of Consumer Technologies, TaylorMade Golf Brands
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