Why Commerce Cloud?

Wolverine has twelve diverse brands, each with distinct audiences and shopping habits. All brands run on Commerce Cloud, with a shared architecture and UX code base that “allows us to scale and leverage resources in a very effective way, keeping tech costs under control and driving costs down as a percentage of revenue,” says Pete Buzzell, Global Technology Support Manager. Wolverine also leveraged Commerce Cloud’s LINK technology partner program, which boosted their time-to-market and ensured consistency across brands.

After launching Apple Pay, Wolverine saw a 19% increase in total mobile conversion and a 21% increase in iPhone conversion across all of its brands. Some brands saw mobile conversion on iPhone improve by as much as 33%.

In addition, Wolverine was able to reduce the number of fields required in the checkout process by up to 75%. This has resulted in a notable drop in cart abandonment from mobile shoppers.

“We’ve lowered technology costs, improved speed to market, and grown our bottom line.”

Jason Pawloski, Senior Director of Direct-to-Consumer Technology, Wolverine
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