Cloud ecommerce Solutions

Cloud ecommerce solutions deliver speed and agility.

In a fast-paced retail environment, cloud ecommerce solutions provide the speed and agility merchants need to succeed. The retail industry is rapidly evolving, driven by new technologies and changing customer expectations. Consumers today expect to be able to shop online or offline, to move seamlessly between devices, and to have retailers follow them across channels without missing a beat.

Legacy on-premise technology simply can’t keep pace with these changes, as IT departments barely have enough time to maintain the status quo let alone adapt and upgrade legacy infrastructure to accommodate innovation. Cloud-based enterprise ecommerce platforms, on the other hand, offer flexibility and scalability that empowers retailers to move quickly to take advantage of changing conditions and new consumer demands.

For retailers seeking cloud ecommerce solutions that improve competitiveness while lowering TCO, Demandware offers the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

Cloud eCommerce Solutions from Demandware

Demandware provides cloud commerce systems and ecommerce services to many of the world’s leading brands and retailers. With the Demandware Commerce Cloud retailers get a world-class, highly scalable infrastructure for omnichannel engagement and fulfillment, and a single cloud platform for unifying cloud ecommerce solutions. Demandware delivers the speed and agility retailers need to quickly launch sites, roll out brands, initiate promotions, expand to new markets and meet ever-rising consumer expectations.

Comprehensive cloud ecommerce solutions

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers can:

  • Manage omnichannel retailing more easily. Demandware cloud ecommerce solutions enable retailers to simplify multi-channel inventory management, leveraging real-time quantities across multiple locations and inventory in transit to deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” consumer experience.
  • Personalize the shopping experience. Demandware applies predictive intelligence to connect all the data points for each shopper, enabling retailers to personalize offers and communications across touch points and channels.
  • Expand across borders. Demandware cloud ecommerce solutions provide a single global template for handling different currencies, languages and more, enabling retailers to more easily take advantage of global opportunities.
  • Roll out multiple brands and sites. The Demandware Commerce Cloud serves as a common infrastructure for all sites and brand, ensuring consistent integration and business processes while enabling retailers to launch new sites and brands without starting from scratch each time.
  • Digitize the store. Demandware cloud ecommerce solutions enable store associates to use mobile interfaces to help customers find the right product, purchase products from the floor, and ship them anywhere.

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