More than 70% of all brand interactions are now intermediated by web browsers and smartphone apps.  As a result, digital content production is a critical capability for all organizations. In this context, existing tools and technologies are no longer fit for purpose.  They are not designed to make it easy to combine content with commerce while simultaneously optimizing content reach, quality and agility – the equation at the heart of the big content challenge.

Amplience is on a mission to help the world’s leading brands overcome that challenge: To bring rich digital content into every customer journey, to create compelling digital shopping experiences that generate sales, reduce returns, improve customer loyalty and enhance brand value. Unlike existing CMS and DAM solutions, the Amplience Big Content Cloud delivers rich content production, analytics and publishing capabilities API first, on a single multi-tenanted cloud platform that supports continuous innovation and unparalleled 99.99% uptime SLAs. Backed by an experienced Customer Success and Solutions team and detailed Big Content Index benchmarking, it enables measurable content and commerce performance improvements for more than 200 of the world’s leading brands, quarter over quarter.


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The Amplience Big Content Cloud is built to seamlessly integrate with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Big Content Cloud connects to Commerce Cloud as part of the Commerce Cloud Storefront, allowing users to easily enhance their sites with Amplience Content Modules, and scale media publication across channels and devices.
This solution extends Commerce Cloud by enabling users to easily create engaging customer experiences that inspire visitors and increase revenue. With Amplience, merchandisers can take product images and videos and turn them into interactive shopping elements that accelerate the customer journey.

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  • Editorial Content – To be effective, blogs, articles, and other editorial content needs to be integrated into the core customer journey. With the Amplience Content Authoring tools and the Commerce Cloud integration, this rich content can be integrated into all online contexts.
  • Responsive Images and Video – Images can be controlled through transformation templates, enabling creative teams to control all image parameters without changing a line of code. Similarly, Amplience’s powerful video transcoding APIs allows creative teams to upload a single high definition, master video asset to play across all devices and channels.
  • Shoppable Media - Engage and inspire with rich shoppable content enhanced with interactive hotspots and live product data through the Commerce Cloud Open Commerce API (OCAPI), which allows customers to add products directly to basket. This content can be created using the Amplience Authoring Studio, and then selected, previewed, and published from the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.
  • Rich Product Media – Amplience automates much of the workflow from studio to site, combining rich media into a single product set, allowing for a combination of content, that is optimized for every device screen. These product media sets can be ingested directly into the Business Manager, and assigned products using Commerce Cloud's product feed, automatically publishing content to product page.
  • Social and User Generated Content – Social teams can take advantage of social proof to the customer journey by incorporating rich user images directly from Instagram and other social channels. This content can be combined with commerce feeds to create a perfect blend of branded and user generated content.


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