eCommerce fulfillment

Simplify ecommerce fulfillment with a superior platform.

eCommerce fulfillment plays a critical role in retail success. For customers, the retail experience doesn’t end when they place their order – it extends to delivery as well as returns and exchanges. How well a retailer executes ecommerce fulfillment helps determine whether a customer will return or seek a better experience somewhere else.

But managing ecommerce fulfillment well is no easy task. Omnichannel retailing has conditioned customers to expect seamless movement between online and offline channels as well as various devices, adding significant complexity to ecommerce fulfillment. For solutions to simplify ecommerce management and to surpass customers’ expectations, more of the world’s leading retailers are turning to the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

Demandware powers ecommerce fulfillment.

As the category-defining leader of enterprise ecommerce solutions, Demandware empowers retailers to continuously innovate in a rapidly changing, consumer-driven world. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a world-class and highly scalable ecommerce platform that frees retailers from inadequate legacy platforms and enables them to more easily manage omni-channel retailing and ecommerce fulfillment to deliver better customers experiences.

Demandware enables retailers to execute on ecommerce strategy and deliver superior ecommerce fulfillment by providing tools to:

  • Gain real-time visibility across all channels – from stores to warehouse/fulfillment centers and customer service teams to management – to manage inventory more effectively, simplify order tracking and returns, optimize the customer experience and increase profitability.
  • Deliver a seamless order and return process, allowing customers to order from any device and return to the store or fulfillment center.
  • Streamline order fulfillment with an intelligent allocation engine that improves the efficiency of ecommerce fulfillment by reducing shipping time and costs, increasing inventory turn, reducing markdowns and expediting delivery based on geo-proximity.

Benefits for ecommerce fulfillment.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides unique advantages for retailers seeking to excel at ecommerce fulfillment.

  • Faster time to market. Demandware offers an uncomplicated deployment and role-based user interfaces that enable quick and intuitive adoption. Platform readiness allows new sites or promotions to be executed in hours rather than months, and the Demandware Commerce Cloud platform automatically scales with minimal IT involvement. All this means retailers can execute ideas more quickly and get to market faster.
  • One platform for a unified experience. With a multi-tenant cloud-based architecture, the Demandware Commerce Cloud delivers a consistent experience across multiple brands, empowering retailers to keep pace in a dynamic retail environment.
  • Flexible integration. The Demandware Open Commerce APIs (OCAPI) simplify integration with WMS, ERP and other systems and allow for flexible customization as well as best-of-breed pre-built integration with certified LINK technology partners.
  • Cloud-based innovation. New features are delivered six to eight times each year without disruption or cost, enabling our customers to consistently work with the latest in innovation and technology.
  • A better omnichannel experience. The Demandware Commerce Cloud enables retailers to meet customer expectations with an omnichannel shopping experience and flexible ecommerce fulfillment.

Learn more about ecommerce fulfillment with Demandware and about Demandware solutions for ecommerce integration and a B2B ecommerce platform.

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