eCommerce integration

eCommerce integration is the key to exceptional customer experiences.

Things are changing fast in the world of retail and successfully navigating this evolving landscape begins with ecommerce integration.

Customers today expect a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” shopping experience, with the ability to interact with your brand on any channel and have you follow them seamlessly as they move across online and offline channels. To deliver an exceptional customer experience, ecommerce systems must be integrated with marketing, inventory management, fulfillment and back-end accounting systems in order to give customers what they need at every step of their buying journey.

Most legacy commerce platforms can’t handle this kind of ecommerce integration. These traditional systems weren’t designed for retail online integration and simply can’t keep up with the pace of change or enable the kind of innovation retailers need to remain competitive.

That’s why, when choosing omni-channel solutions that make ecommerce integration easy, more retailers today are turning to Demandware.

Demandware simplifies ecommerce integration.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud offers retailers a world-class platform for ecommerce integration. Demandware unifies the consumer experience across channels and streamlines retail operations from purchase to fulfillment to post-self-service. With a multi-tenant architecture built on a cloud-based platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud delivers the scalability, reliability and security that merchants need to compete in a quickly changing retail environment.

Demandware leverages data and services across the entire platform, giving retailers a single and unified view of information concerning stores, customers, interactions, promotions, orders, products, inventory and prices. eCommerce integration connects ­in-store and mobile channels, enabling them to leverage core capabilities and services such as transaction management and merchandising. With true ecommerce integration, retailers can innovate across the entire consumer experience.

Benefits of ecommerce integration with Demandware.

Demandware’s capabilities for ecommerce integration combine digital commerce, order management, store operations, point-of-sale and predictive intelligence on a unified commerce platform. With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, you can:

  • Manage inventory across channels to meet consumer fulfillment expectations and optimize inventory turn.
  • Digitize the store with mobile devices that allow customers to view inventory beyond they see on the shelf, find the product they’re looking for, merge online shopping carts, make purchases and have them delivered anywhere.
  • Improve ecommerce personalization by applying predictive intelligence to all the data points for a customer to deliver relevant and timely offers and messages across touchpoints and channels.
  • Get real-time visibility across all channels, including stores, fulfillment centers, customer service teams and management.
  • Streamline order fulfillment with an intelligent allocation engine that optimizes and simplifies back-end order orchestration to increase inventory turn, reduce markdowns and significantly reduce shipping time and costs.

Learn more about Demandware’s ecommerce integration solutions, and about Demandware mobile commerce technology and other enterprise ecommerce solutions.

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