eCommerce personalization

eCommerce personalization is a top retail priority.

In today's highly competitive retail landscape, ecommerce personalization can be a critical competitive differentiator. Merchants who can successfully deliver a personalized shopping experience online as well as offline are able to attract more customers, drive more visits, improve customer loyalty and increase conversion rates as well as average order value.

But effective ecommerce personalization is extremely complex – retailers must collect and analyze data points on customer behavior and interactions across all channels and throughout the shopping journey, from offline purchases to online interaction, and apply sophisticated analytics to understand not only what each prefers today but what each will most likely want tomorrow.

To meet this challenge, the Demandware Commerce Cloud provides the world’s leading brands and retailers with the tools needed to manage ecommerce personalization effectively and cost-efficiently.

eCommerce personalization with Demandware

Demandware makes ecommerce personalization easier with a cloud platform that provides retailers with solutions for customer engagement, omni-channel integration and multi-channel inventory management, in addition to tools for personalizing the shopping experience. The Demandware Commerce Cloud offers an open and extensible architecture that delivers the speed, agility and innovation merchants need to stay competitive in today’s retail environment.

With Demandware, retailers have the technology they need to succeed at ecommerce personalization. The Demandware Commerce Cloud integrates commerce and ecommerce solutions on a single platform, simplifying the complex task of collecting data, analyzing customer behavior and personalizing communications and offers across channels. Frequent and seamless upgrades, integration with best-of-breed third-party solutions and access to an active community of Demandware users ensure that retailers have the latest and most innovative tools for personalization.

Comprehensive tools for ecommerce personalization

Demandware provides tools for predictive ecommerce personalization, enabling retailers to analyze and understand consumer history and behavior in order to better predict what products and offers will be most attractive to each customer. Using leading edge data science, Demandware decodes the signals from all data to optimize the shopping experience for the customer and customize each interaction.

With Demandware, retailers can develop ecommerce personalization for:

  • Email. Demandware lets retailers personalize the content of email for every customer. By tailoring the products, offers and content contained in each message, retailers can boost email effectiveness and boost overall revenue.
  • Websites. Demandware helps retailers create unique shopping experiences across websites, customizing content and offering product recommendations that conform to the shopper’s specific taste.

Learn more about ecommerce personalization with Demandware, and about solutions for mobile ecommerce and for an online ecommerce solution.

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