Retailer success requires a superior eCommerce platform

Speed and agility are the keys to success in the retail industry and it takes a superior ecommerce platform to maintain growth and competitiveness.  With the right ecommerce platform, retailers can launch promotions faster, digitize their stores more easily and integrate new technologies like virtual point of sale (POS) solutions. A superior ecommerce platform enables retailers to stop worrying about back-end IT infrastructure and focus on innovation and strategic business initiatives.

For a growing number of the world’s leading retailers and brands, the Demandware Commerce Cloud is the ecommerce platform of choice.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud solves retail’s most pressing challenges

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is the industry’s most agile and scalable ecommerce platform, providing powerful and innovative technology for omni-channel shopping, engagement and fulfillment.  With an open and highly scalable cloud infrastructure, Demandware frees retailers from the limitations of legacy platforms and enables them to move their businesses forward with greater speed and agility.

With this powerful ecommerce platform, retailers can:

  • Manage multiple brands and sites to power a worldwide digital commerce strategy. With Demandware, retailers can share and replicate promotions, publish product content and catalogs across multiple brands and share new functionality across multiple sites.
  • Digitize the store with virtual POS technology, giving store associates the ability to leverage comprehensive customer and product inventory data on a tablet, giving customers a higher level of in-store service.
  • Deliver seamless omni-channel fulfillment with an order management system that delivers a single view of orders, customers, products, inventory and promotions.
  • Personalize the shopping experience using predictive intelligence to customize marketing messages, promotions and content across all touch points and shopping channels.
  • Develop new retail applications with a custom business logic to deliver richer and more engaging customer experience.

An ecommerce platform with innovative features

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides unique benefits to the retailer, including:

  • An open cloud platform. An open platform gives retailers the ability to scale as needed for complex operations. 
  • Seamless innovation. Powerful new capabilities are deployed through six major releases each year without incremental costs or disruption of operations.
  • LINK partner ecosystem. A collection of partners providing best-of-breed technology to complement the Demandware Commerce Cloud, including pre-built integrations that minimize the cost and complexity of integrating third-party technology.
  • Community insight – the Demandware Commerce Cloud harnesses data from billions of transactions each year and converts it to valuable insight for our client community to improve the customer experience.
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