eCommerce platform services

eCommerce platform services provide greater speed and agility.

Leading retailers today increasingly rely on cloud-based platforms for the ecommerce services and solutions they need to compete. Legacy infrastructure can’t deliver the speed, agility or innovation that merchants need to adapt to all the changes in the retail industry. Cloud-based technology, in contrast, can provide ecommerce platform services that are faster to implement, easier to manage and more cost-effective to operate. With cloud-based ecommerce platform services, retail organizations can focus on executing strategic initiatives rather than worrying about the reliability and scalability of their back-end infrastructure.

Demandware provides leading ecommerce platform services through the Demandware Commerce Cloud, a highly scalable platform for managing and integrating commerce and ecommerce solutions.

eCommerce platform services from Demandware

The Demandware Commerce Cloud serves as the digital backbone for many of the world’s leading retailers and brands. Built on an open and extensible cloud architecture, Demandware provides retailers with the scale needed for complex operations and innovative ecommerce platform services. The Demandware platform enables simplified integration with new technologies, providing the speed retailers need to compete in a quickly changing industry.

With the Demandware Commerce cloud, retailers can access and implement ecommerce platform services that drive omnichannel engagement, simplify ecommerce fulfillment and solve the most pressing retail challenges with agility and innovation.

Comprehensive ecommerce platform services

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud retailers can implement ecommerce platform services that include:

  • Merchandising. Demandware enables retailers to help shoppers find what they want quickly and easily. Retailers can maximize profitability by featuring products based on inventory levels, product pricing and customer demand.
  • Order management. With real-time inventory counts including products on order or in transit, retailers can alleviate out-of-stock issues and offer ship-to-store capabilities.
  • Marketing. Built-in marketing tools help to drive more quality traffic and promote the brand more effectively.
  • Personalization. Demandware ecommerce platform services help connect data points to drive more successful ecommerce personalization.
  • Operations. An intuitive web-based user interface enables business users around the world to maintain control and access functionality without database administrators or excessive IT intervention.
  • Intelligence. eCommerce platform services for retail intelligence help to identify shopping trends, while predictive intelligence helps retailers deliver more relevant marketing and merchandising for customers.
  • Development. With Demandware, developers can easily build and integrate new ecommerce platform services that provide richer and more engaging consumer experiences.

Learn more about ecommerce platform services from Demandware, and about Demandware Solutions for mobile ecommerce and retail online integration.

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