Leading retailers require superior eCommerce solutions

The pace of business in today’s retail environment is faster than ever, thanks in large part to the evolution of consumer technology. To stay competitive, retailers require sophisticated ecommerce solutions that leave them free to focus on strategic retail initiatives rather than maintaining legacy infrastructure. With aging on-premise commerce platforms, the IT team at an average retailer spends 80% of its time maintaining infrastructure that is barely adequate to keep up with the status quo. With the right ecommerce solutions, retailers can reverse this formula to devote 80% of resources to driving innovation and exploiting new market opportunities.

For retailers seeking superior ecommerce solutions, Demandware provides an open cloud platform that powers enterprise ecommerce and multi-channel-retailing.

Demandware’s eCommerce solutions address retailers’ biggest challenges

As the industry’s most agile and scalable ecommerce platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud enables retailers to deploy innovative ecommerce solutions for omni-channel commerce.  The Demandware Commerce Cloud is built with a highly scalable architecture designed to support very large and growing volumes of digital commerce, providing the speed and agility retailers need to quickly launch new sites, develop new brands, integrate new technologies and digitize their stores faster.

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers can deploy ecommerce solutions that empower them to:

  • Manage inventory to meet customer expectations. With real-time access to inventory across multiple stores, distribution centers and items in transit, retailers can manage inventory more easily to optimize turn and provide customers with a more satisfying consumer experience.
  • Manage multiple brands and sites. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a common platform to ensure consistent business processes and consumer experiences across all brands and sites.
  • Digitize the retail store. The Demandware platform enables retailers to deploy mobile technology that sales associates use on the floor to help shoppers find products, purchase items and have them delivered anywhere.
  • Create more personalized shopping experiences.  With Demandware, retailers can leverage ecommerce solutions to better understand the shopper’s journey with data from online and offline customer behavior, connecting data points to facilitate more personalized communications and shopping experiences.

The technology behind Demandware’s eCommerce solutions

The open cloud platform provides the scalability and extensibility retailers need to implement complex ecommerce solutions. With six to eight platform releases each year Demandware customers have a continuous stream of innovation without incremental cost or disruption to operations. Customers have access to the LINK partner ecosystem, a collection of partners that offer best-of-breed technology to complement the Demandware platform, as well as the insights gleaned from the billions of transactions that are processed each year on the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

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