eCommerce strategy

An effective ecommerce strategy requires sophisticated technology.

As the retail landscape continues to change rapidly, merchants need both an effective ecommerce strategy and the technology to execute it. A successful ecommerce strategy today must include capabilities for omni-channel retailing – customers expect to move easily between devices and channels as they browse, compare, buy and receive products. A winning ecommerce strategy must also include intelligent fulfillment capabilities, enabling merchants to reduce costs and increase inventory turn. And because personalization is the forefront of competitive differentiation, the ability to customize the shopping experience for each customer is critical to any ecommerce strategy.

Executing an ecommerce strategy that meets these requirements requires advanced technology, but many retailers are stuck with legacy infrastructure that is hopelessly ineffective. Rather than implementing innovative solutions and integrating best-of-breed technology, IT teams at these merchants spend most of their time managing and maintaining the status quo. When seeking solutions to manage ecommerce strategy more easily, savvy retailers today turn to Demandware.

Execute ecommerce strategy with Demandware.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is an open and extensible platform for managing ecommerce strategy as well as omni-channel merchandising and fulfillment. With a highly scalable architecture, seamless upgrades and simplified third-party integrations, Demandware delivers the speed, agility and innovation retailers need to execute ecommerce strategy, launch brands and sites more quickly, digitize retail stores and integrate the latest cloud commerce technologies.

Capabilities for implementing ecommerce strategy

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers can deploy solutions for all aspects of an effective ecommerce strategy. Demandware empowers retailers to:

  • Manage omni-channel operations. The Demandware Commerce Cloud helps retailers manage inventory to meet customer expectations and optimize inventory turn. Merchants can leverage real-time quantities across multiple locations to deliver a more satisfying "buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere" consumer experience.
  • Digitize retail stores. Demandware offers mobile interfaces that allow sales associates and shoppers to view inventory beyond what is on the shelf, helping to prevent walked sales and building higher-value shopping carts.
  • Personalize the shopping experience. Because personalization is critical to ecommerce strategy, Demandware provides predictive intelligence that enables retailers to understand customer needs and behavior and differentiate communications across touch points and channels.
  • Manage multiple brands and sites. No matter how many brands or sites an ecommerce strategy calls for, Demandware provides a common infrastructure to ensure consistent business processes and retail online integration.
  • Expand globally. When executing on ecommerce strategy requires expansion across borders, Demandware provides a single global template that can accommodate different currencies, cultures, customs and languages.

Learn more about Demandware's options for ecommerce strategy, and about the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

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