EMU Australia Delivers Better Experience, Globally

Sue Meehan, Global eCommerce manager at EMU Australia

Video Transcript

Our brand positioning is what we call ever natural. It about the product we make which is crafted from all natural materials, but its also a bit of a mindset it’s sort of a sense of wanderlust, and adventure, and effortless style. Our heritage is from sheepskin boots, in the kind of surf region of Australia, but now were distributed in 70 countries around the world and we produce a wide range of varying footwear. We deployed ten sites. On one day, just prior to Christmas, which was a bit crazy, but it worked, and it EMU didn’t have a very good online experience prior to that, it’s fair to say.

We needed a global partner, and a global platform to help us do that. And, we wanted to set ourselves up to be in various regions around the world, so that we could really cater to different requirements for different regions.

Demandware gave us the ability to scale, but also you’ve got the core template that you work on that that we tweaked in different regions, and we could change it to suit different markets in other ways with content or what not.

Having a global platform that’s cloud based that we can react to quickly or drive things also means that we can be agile in that way.

We’re seeing benefits in the key metrics that we measure across the board including sales and conversion, and the search traffic metrics that we look at. Average order value, that sort of thing.

Demandware has given us the opportunity to provide a mobile experience that our customers that they didn’t have only six months ago. We’ve already seen a shift in the split of our traffic between desktop, tablet, and mobile.  We’re getting more mobile traffic to the site, and we’re getting better conversion with mobile.

It’s more about future proofing ourselves, setting ourselves up. That’s why we went with such a big project of ten sites, with all the plug ins that we went into, so now were set, and now we can optimize, and we can be agile, and its about setting us up for the paths were about to go on.

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