Successful enterprise eCommerce is powered by cloud commerce solutions

The enterprise ecommerce landscape is constantly changing as new technologies alter the ways that consumers interact with retailers. Legacy commerce platforms simply can’t keep up with the pace of change and the demands of multi channel retailing. The IT departments at many retail organizations spend most of their time managing infrastructure that is barely adequate to maintain the status quo, let alone drive innovation. To thrive in today’s environment, retailers need innovative enterprise ecommerce solutions that enable them to respond to new opportunities with speed and agility, and engage customers with exceptional shopping experiences.

That’s where Demandware can help. With an open cloud commerce platform built for agility and scalability, Demandware’s enterprise ecommerce solutions provide retailers with the technology to drive innovation, launch products and promotions faster, expand globally and digitize the physical store.

Solve enterprise eCommerce challenges with Demandware

Demandware simplifies the management of enterprise ecommerce operations with one platform for omni channel commerce, engagement and fulfillment, as well as a highly scalable infrastructure that delivers greater agility, seamless upgrades to the latest version of the platform, integrations with innovative third-party solutions, and a shared success model.

With Demandware, retailers get a world-class enterprise ecommerce platform that enables them to:

  • Manage omni-channel shopping experiences to meet consumer expectations. Retailers can view real-time inventory across multiple locations to provide consumers with a “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” shopping experience.
  • Ensure consistent integration and business processes across multiple brands and sites, using the Demandware Commerce Cloud as a common infrastructure. As new sites are rolled out, merchants can leverage existing work and syndicate content across brands, sites, categories, online catalogs and consumer experiences.
  • Digitize the retail store with ecommerce solutions that prevent walked sales and build higher-value shopping carts. With Demandware, sales associates can use mobile technologies to help shoppers see inventory beyond what is on the shelf, locate the product they are looking for, and have merchandise shipped anywhere in the world after purchase.
  • Personalize the customer’s shopping experience by applying predictive intelligence to data gleaned from customer behavior, enabling more targeted communications, offers and content across all touch points and shopping channels.
  • Expand globally using a single template to adjust for different customs, currencies and languages on enterprise ecommerce sites.

Faster time to value for enterprise eCommerce operations

Demandware provides the infrastructure and enterprise ecommerce solutions that enable retailers move more quickly from idea to execution. With Demandware’s flexible platform, retailers can launch promotions, brands and international sites faster. They can digitize stores and integrate new technologies before competitors, and they can better respond to dynamic market requirements, outpacing the competition and growing their business with greater speed.

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