The Future Store Manifesto

Reinventing your point of sale system

Leading retail brands are infusing their stores with new digital technologies, driving a fundamental transformation of modern day retailing. Although the physical store will continue to be the heart and soul of retail for the foreseeable future, this evolution is unquestionably underway. The store is about to get a whole lot more connected, mobile, and smarter.

Critical elements to successfully meeting consumers’ heightened expectations:

  • Mobile POS technology
  • Identifying customers when they enter the store
  • Enabling personalized customer service
  • Delivering a seamless personalized shopping experience
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A Unified Commerce Platform

Unified commerce eliminates individual channel silos and offers a seamless experience across all customer touch points by leveraging a single, unified platform for commerce, inventory, customer, and transaction data. To architect the optimum foundation, retailers must consider three major components of a unified commerce platform.

The evolution of the store has been held back by disparate systems built in silos based on old technology and paradigms, and a lack of robust networks; all creating today’s architecture and integration challenges.

For decades, retailers added new technology for specific channels. For instance, when ecommerce was introduced, retailers implemented stand-alone systems, support staff, and inventory that weren’t integrated with the store systems that essentially performed the same functions. Retailers often had separate inventories and systems for order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and merchandising for each channel. This model has been perpetuated and many retailers have ended up with disparate technology and duplicated cost structures at almost every customer touch point.

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