Agility Multichannel develops and supports Agility, a leading product information management system created to drive successful multichannel commerce. Retailers, distributors and brand manufacturers around the globe use Agility’s advanced tools to gather and enrich flawlessly consistent product information for delivery to all marketing channels in multiple versions and languages. Multiple web taxonomies in Agility facilitate market – or customer – focused categories to optimize the end-user experience and drive up revenues for every channel. Agility enables companies to dramatically reduce time to market, facilitate growth through new markets and countries and greatly improve productivity. Agility is in daily use by thousands of end users in over 60 countries and can be easily configured, integrated and deployed as a hosted VM or enterprise on-premise solution. Customers include Avon Products, Allied Electronics, Shop Direct Group, Office Depot and West Marine.

Integration Overview

Agility is built on industry-standard architecture and is both open and adaptable. Agility’s toolkit includes a set of fully documented API’s, ETL tools, and data syndication, with ready-made adaptors for leading upstream ERP’s and downstream e-commerce systems. From simple batch XML exports through to real-time synchronization with other systems, Agility ensures simple setup as well as the ability to quickly change when new systems come online. For Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers, Agility is the central place where product data from many sources is integrated, edited, enriched, previewed and approved, all through an easy-to-use, web interface which can be perfectly tailored for departmental and even individual business stakeholders. Agility’s Syndication Server module holds and synchronizes multiple caches of approved content, constantly updated as information changes, ensuring Commerce Cloud delivers the most current information every time.

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Integration Features

• Agility’s infinitely flexible web-based user interface with configurable gadgets and workspaces provides suppliers, ecommerce, merchandising, content management and creative people the ability to author, analyze, preview and approve content.

• In addition to providing the functionality of PIM and built-in adaptors for upstream and downstream systems, Agility® also has seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite for creation of digital and print design-driven pages and promotions. Channels supported are as diverse as email marketing, iPad and smartphone apps, call center systems, e-procurement, and public sites like Amazon and eBay.

• Agility’s flexible and modular design makes it ideally suited for a wide range of businesses, from midsize to global. It’s infinitely scalable technology makes it capable of holding millions of products and their associated attributes, and supporting the concept of the “endless aisle”.

• Agility is simple to set up and maintain. IT staff are not required to create users, attributes, or taxonomies, all of which can be configured by business users.


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